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How China’s large-scale solar power plants change the world’s energy

With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, human demand for energy is also growing. Traditional fossil fuels can no...

China’s 2030 photovoltaic power generation target accelerates green energy transformation

China's pursuit of its 2030 photovoltaic(PV) power generation target underscores the nation's commitment to advancing the global transition to green energy. Anticipated to amass...

China accelerates transition of photovoltaic power generation to high green energy

China achieves a historic milestone in photovoltaic power, hitting 520 million kW by October 2023. Distributed capacity surpasses centralized, marking a significant industry shift. Sustained investment, policy support, and global acclaim for green energy strides.

New installed PV capacity in China from January to October 2023

In 2023, significant strides were made in China's photovoltaic (PV) industry, as evidenced by the data indicating a remarkable surge in newly installed PV...

What is the difference between solar photovoltaic glass and float glass?

In the vast realm of glass technology, photovoltaic glass and float glass stand out as two distinctive products. Each plays an irreplaceable role in...

Photovoltaic Power Plant System Integration: Classification Summary

Photovoltaic power station system integration is a comprehensive process that involves professional knowledge and skills from multiple fields. To better understand this process, we...

Energy storage inverter and photovoltaic inverter: definition, difference and Application

In today's era of growing emphasis on renewable energy and environmental protection, energy storage inverters and solar inverters, as power electronic devices, play critical...

Photovoltaic Silver Paste: A Key Contributor to Solar Cell Efficiency and Reliability

Solar cell efficiency and reliability depend heavily on a special material known as photovoltaic silver paste, or PVSP for short. This mysterious material plays...

What is the difference between PERC and TOPcon solar cells in photovoltaics?

The article contrasts PERC and TOPcon solar cells in photovoltaics, highlighting their technical, structural, manufacturing, and performance differences. While PERC enhances light absorption and electron collection, Topcon offers higher efficiency potential due to its innovative electron collection mechanism. Continuous advancements in these technologies hold promise for increased energy utilization and global sustainable development.

Shining a Light on Solar Energy: How does PV produce electricity?

In the first half of 2023, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises once again captured the spotlight with their remarkable performance. As a pivotal component of the...

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