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Shipment Ranking

Top PV module suppliers by shipment volume in Q1, 2024

JinkoSolar, JA Solar, Trina Solar, and LONGi shipped about 63 GW of PV modules in the first quarter of 2024, accounting for over 55%...

Top PV module companies by shipment volume in 2023

In the dynamic world of solar energy, 2023 proved to be a noteworthy year for the top solar module manufacturers. The recently unveiled shipment...

Top solar manufacturers of 2023: Module shipment rankings for Q1-Q3

Entering the third quarter, the solar industry experiences fluctuations in prices along the supply chain, influencing the bidding dynamics. Despite the challenges posed by...

Jinko Solar tops global module shipment ranking in Q1 2023

Companies recently have been revealing their annual reports and first quarter reports, showing an overall explosive growth in the global market. In 2022, most...

Longi takes the crown in global module shipment rankings 2022

Industry consultancy InfoLink recently has released their rankings of top 10 module shipments in the world in 2022, revealing a more fierce competition among...

Module shipment ranking 2022: Top 10 manufacturers shipped 240 GW globally

In 2022, the top 10 Chinese manufacturers have shipped over 240 GW modules globally, up 60% and occupying over 90% of global demand, according...

LONGi reclaims top spot in shipment ranking for Q1-Q3 2022

LONGi reclaims top spot in shipment ranking for Q1-Q3 2022
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