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Solar+storage vs. Dutch nitrogen crisis

Image: RijkswaterstaatIn late May 2019, the Dutch Council of State ruled that the existing rules for approving construction projects and nitrogen-emitting farming activities were...

US ‘aqueous air battery’ developer reveals investors in recent $76 million funding round

Image: PublicDomainPictures, pixabayForm Energy has revealed the investors in its recent $76 million funding round.The stealthy company’s Series C was led by Coatue Management....

Why the price of European wholesale electricity market rises instead of falling though renewables costs slump?

The European energy transition is facing a thorny problem that although the LCOE of renewable is declining and its proportion in the grid is...

SW China’s Chengdu to unveil new products in intelligent manufacturing

Southwest China’s Chengdu is to hold a special event for intelligent manufacturing on November 2, as the city hastens digital transformation of the manufacturing...

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