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Antai New Energy and South Korea GS Global Signed Strategic Cooperation

GS Global of South Korea signed a cooperation agreement with Fujian Antai New Energy on photovoltaic bracket support in South Korea market on September 16, and had in-depth talks after the meeting.

GS Global is an integrated enterprise among Fortune Global 500, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and operates a global international business network in more than 30 overseas regions. Based on the group’s global value chain and professionalism, the company conducts in-depth research and development of the Korean photovoltaic market, so as to realize the expansion of the business field.

In recent years, South Korea has been increasing its efforts to develop renewable energy, with an average annual growth of 5.7%. It is expected that the proportion of renewable energy will rise to 33.1% by 2030. As one of the company’s key export markets, Antai New Energy has been working hard in Korea for many years, and its efficient and high-quality photovoltaic support solutions have been applied to different photovoltaic application scenarios such as roofs, ground, and agricultural sheds. In this cooperation, Antai New Energy will give full play to its advantages in product R&D innovation, production and delivery, and efficient team service, and jointly promote the development of clean energy and photovoltaic market in South Korea through GS Global’s influence and resource integration advantages in South Korea.

In the next three years, Antai New Energy plans to provide GS Global with solutions and products for nearly 500 MW fixed and tracking systems, covering photovoltaic projects on roofs, ground, water surfaces and various applications in South Korea. In addition, Antai New Energy will continue to work with partners from all over the world to continuously optimize and promote the process of global service, provide convenient, fast, stable, reliable, innovative and efficient support solutions, guarantee the revenue of power plant system with excellent product quality and comprehensive quality service, to create value for customers.


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