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Chinese battery maker completed its first silicon wafer offline

Chinese new energy vehicle power battery materials producer Anhui Tonhe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd completed its first production of silicon wafer of the slicing project on October 28.

The achievement only took 32 days since the project introduced the first equipment on September 26.

It is known that the slicing project is mainly committed to the production of photovoltaic monocrystalline silicon wafers, by adopting the 210mm large-size silicon wafer technology route. Through the full application of intelligent manufacturing and IT technology, the company can open up the end-to-end process of order, production, delivery and quality management, shorten the production delivery time of the product line and improve the product quality.

As another milestone in the development process of Tonhe New Energy, the first silicon wafer of this slicing project marks the significant progress of the company in building intelligent and digital plant and photovoltaic green town. In the future, it will move to a new level in lean production and cost control of production process, realize the transformation of production process from manual management to automation, informatization and intelligent management, and improve production efficiency and overall informatization level.


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