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Costs may offset by silicon material markup and wafer thinning: SC

After the large size, the thin silicon wafer is another way to reduce cost in photovoltaic industry, especially when the price of silicon material keeps rising. According to Solarbe Consulting’s analysis, the average cost of silicon wafer of each specification increases by 0.206 yuan for every 100,000 yuan/ton increase in silicon material price under the condition that other conditions remain unchanged. The cost of wafer is 0.065 yuan/piece, which means that when the thickness of wafer reaches 160 μm, the price rise of 94,700 yuan/ton of silicon material can be offset.

Silicon material



Aikosolar, who is also in the 210 alliance, will launch standard thin cells on April 1, following the thinning of silicon wafers launched by Zhonghuan Semiconductor.

The standard thickness of 182mm and 210mm bifacial cell is 170 μm; the standard thickness of M6 and below (M4, G1) is 160 μm.



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