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Large size modules will innovate distributed market matrix: Risen

Chinese PV module and solution provider Risen Energy showed at the 4th China Distributed Photovoltaic Market Development Summit was held in Weifang, Shandong Province on April 14. Deng Bin, sales technical director of Chinese region, shared his thoughts on Application of Large Size Modules in Distributed Photovoltaic.

Distributed photovoltaic is limited by rooftop area, and needs to achieve higher efficiency in limited space. Titan 510W and TitanS 410W of Risen are one of the most advanced silicon wafer products in mass production level in the photovoltaic industry.

Deng Bin introduced at the event that Titan Series products adopt MBB multi busbar technology. According to the calculation, MBB technology has brought about 2 ~ 3% power improvement and 0.4 ~ 0.6% efficiency improvement for Titan Series. This technology can save the consumption of silver paste and reduce the cost of battery. On the basis of improving efficiency and reducing cost, Titan Series adopts advanced low-temperature non-destructive cutting technology, which effectively reduces the hidden crack risk brought by traditional mechanical cutting method, and the product reliability is trustworthy.

In terms of reducing the cost of distributed photovoltaic BOS, the advantages of large-scale modules are incomparable to those of small-scale modules. With the increase of power generation efficiency per unit area, the number of modules installed is relatively reduced for larger and more efficient modules, resulting in the synchronous reduction of the cost of BOS such as cables and supports. Take a batch of Titan 510W high efficiency modules delivered by Risen to Malaysia as an example, these modules are used for industrial and commercial rooftop installation, and have been successfully connected to the grid. Compared with traditional modules, the installed capacity is increased by 7% – 12%, and the cost of BOS per watt is reduced by 2-9 cents.

In fact, behind the continuous technological breakthrough of large-size modules is the joint efforts of dozens of enterprises of 600W+ Alliance, which takes the lead and actively shares successful experience, and cultivates 600W+ industrial ecology with an open attitude. In the future, it will continue to promote the innovation of standardized production mode and the integration of industrial chain, playing an advanced leading role, accelerating the supporting and integration of industrial chain, helping the comprehensive upgrading of photovoltaic industry, and finally bringing higher benefits to customers.

According to Risen, the distributed photovoltaic system is subject to many restrictions of installation conditions, and has high requirements on the cost performance of modules. Large size modules can effectively improve the power generation efficiency and reduce the cost of power consumption, which is an ideal choice for distributed photovoltaic. In the future, Risen will continue to explore the photovoltaic+ field, explore diversified application possibilities for large-scale modules, and bring substantial benefits to every photovoltaic user.


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