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Price soars with short silicon material and excess downstream capacity: SC

Silicon material

An article published in the beginning of the year saying that silicon materials will be extremely scarce in 2021, and the industry will usher in the era of “silicon is king”.

In last December, the price of silicon material began to rise slowly, and the growth rate increased significantly after the year. The average price of it increased by more than 15%, and the price of monocrystalline silicon reached a new record.


The price of wafer rises as silicon materials become more expensive.

Longi announced the latest price of silicon wafers on February 26 that G1 and M6 were increased by 0.3 yuan, and M10 by 0.39 yuan, with an average increase of 9.27%.

The M10 was quoted as RMB 4.44 yuan/ piece ($0.606/ piece); RMB 3.65 yuan/ piece ($0.498 yuan/ piece) for M6; and RMB 3.55 yuan/ piece ($0.484 yuan/ piece) for G1.

This week, the average market price of monocrystalline wafer rose about 8.66% month on month.

On March 2, Zhonghuan Semiconductor announced the price of monocrystalline wafer of the month, and the price of 175 μm G12 and M6 monocrystalline wafer was equal to the average market price.

Zhonghuan said that the electrical performance of the silicon wafer with thickness of 180 μm to 160 μm has not decreased. The silicon wafer thinning has become a powerful driving force for cost reduction.


On the evening of February 26, the same day that the price of Longji silicon wafer was announced, Tongwei announced its cell price of March. The original price of polycrystalline cell was temporarily maintained, and the monocrystalline cells of all sizes increased by 0.05 yuan/W, up more than 5%.


The upstream raw material price has affected to the module end, and the steel price is rising, the transaction price of the modules is all increased this week, up about 1.12%.

Modules of 182mm and 210mm still maintain the same price, with an average price of 1.7 yuan/W, up 0.89% on a month basis, and the highest transaction price was 1.75 yuan/W.


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