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Tongwei’s commercial PERC cell efficiency breaks world record

In July 2021, the conversion efficiency of Tongwei’s large size M6 cell has reached 23.47%, by using PERC mass production equipment and innovating cell manufacturing process. Certified by ISO/IEC 17025, Tongwei has created a world record for the efficiency of commercial M6 PERC cell.

Improving cell efficiency is the primary route to enhance Tongwei’s long-term competitiveness. The record breaking cell is Tongwei’s knockout product P-type monocrystalline bifacial PERC cell. With the increasing size of silicon wafer in recent two years, the difficulty and complexity in making large PERC cell have mounted.

Through the optimal integration of mass production technologies such as busbar pattern, light trapping structure, diffusion and passivation process, the technical team has greatly improved the I-V parameters of M6 PERC cell.

Liu Hanyuan, chairman of the board of directors of Tongwei group, said that the company is committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable solar cells. Tongwei’s PERC cells have always maintained a leading position in the industry. It is also investing in the R&D of post-PERC technologies.


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