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Trina Solar launches 3 new solutions at Intersolar Europe 2022

As Trina Solar celebrates its 25th anniversary, the company has launched three new solutions globally at Intersolar Europe 2022. For rooftop installations, Trina Solar...

Risen Energy displays latest HJT module Hyper-ion at Intersolar Europe 2022

Wissin Ye, PM at Risen Energy, introduced the company's frameless modules, the latest HJT module series Hyper-ion at Intersolar Europe 2022. He further explained...

EU President of GCL interviewed at Intersolar Europe 2022

Philipp Matter, EU President of GCL, talks about GCL's strategies in the face of current supply chain disruptions in the industry, and shares his...

RENAC showcases inverters, hybrid & storage systems at Intersolar Europe 2022

Daniel Golab, BD Manager of RENAC introduced the company's inverters, hybrid system and storage systems at Intersolar Europe 2022.

Kehua Tech introduces inverter & storage solutions at Intersolar Europe 2022

Angel Li, BD Director of Europe at Kehua Tech, introduced the company's inverter and energy storage solutions at Intersolar Europe 2022.

Solis brings new solutions for the solar market at Intersolar Europe 2022

Sandy Woodward, Sales Director for UK and Europe at Solis introduces the company's new solutions for the European market and explain how Solis solves...

HuaSun Energy showcases the latest 700W HJT module at Intersolar Europe 2022

At Intersolar Europe 2022, Criss Jin, International Sales Director at HuaSun Energy introduces the company's latest 700W HJT module product with the highest conversion...

ARaymond introduces easy installation solutions at Intersolar Europe 2022

At Intersolar Europe 2022, Jean-Baptiste Chevrier, VP of Sales and Marketing at Araymond Energy SAS introduces the company's easy module installation solutions in detail.

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High-altitude Clean and Low-carbon Development Forum

BACKGROUND The completion of a pioneering 200MW solar plant in the challenging high-altitude terrain of Changdu City, Tibet Autonomous Region of China, marks a significant...
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