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World’s largest zero energy building by JinkoSolar

Wetex, organized by DEWA, began on Monday at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center.The three-day exhibition displays a model of the DEWA sustainable...

What was it that created China?

The earth is worth exploring and there are potentials on the land that we're living. We love this planet so we have to make...

For the drivers of modern industrial civilization — LONGi

We are feeling the resonance when the sun shines everything warmly. We return to nature.--LONGi This video is for the drivers of modern industrial civilization.

Panda-shaped solar PV station

In Shanxi, China, a solar PV station is in the shape of a giant panda.

JA Solar DeepBlue 3.0 with lower LCOE and up to 23.3% conversion efficiency

JA Solar DeepBlue 3.0 with lower LCOE and up to 23.3% conversion efficiency· 182mm large sizing wafers· Up to 23.3% conversion efficiency · Optimized 11-busbar...

Largest Solar PV Project in the World with Jinko Solar’s Panels

The Noor Abu Dhabi PV project is using more than 3.2 million modules from Jinko Solar with mono PERC technology. Jinko's modules ensure lower...

World’s Largest Solar Panel Image–A Galloping Horse

Located in Inner Mongolia, China, the world's largest solar panel image consists of 196,320 solar panels in the shape of a horse, occupying an...

LONGi Tapping the Hydrogen Sector to Further Reduce Carbon Footprint

China's LONGi Green Technology, the world's largest solar company, has set up a stand-alone unit for hydrogen related equipment.

Recent Events

High-altitude Clean and Low-carbon Development Forum

BACKGROUND The completion of a pioneering 200MW solar plant in the challenging high-altitude terrain of Changdu City, Tibet Autonomous Region of China, marks a significant...
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