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Huasun introduces Everest G12R, world’s first HJT modules on rectangular wafers

Huasun Energy, a leading HJT cell and module producer, announced on Monday the launch of the Everest G12R series, the world’s first rectangular heterojunction (HJT) solar module series tailored for residential, C&I, and utility-scale solar systems.

Huasun’s Everest G12R series modules. Image: Huasun Energy

The Everest G12R modules feature rectangular cells measuring 182mm*105mm. Different from the traditional square-shaped cells, the rectangular design allows for more efficient use of space and higher power output, according to Huasun.

By incorporating processes such as bifacial microcrystalline, SMBB (Super Multi Busbar), phototransfer film, and PIB technologies, the Everest G12R modules claim to have a minimum efficiency of 23% and a highest power output of 640W.

Built on rectangular wafers, the G12R series increases power output by about 40W compared to traditional square wafers, leading to potential cost savings for racking systems and cables.

The G12R series comes in three different models for diverse application scenarios: the G12R-96 modules for residential users, the G12R-108 modules for C&I distributed systems, and the G12R-132 modules for utility-scale installations.

ModelMax. powerHighest efficiencyApplication

Calculations suggest that the Everest G12R-96 module contributes to a 7% higher installation capacity than TOPCon counterparts on rooftops of the same size. Coupled with a 1.7% power generation gain per watt, systems installed with the module are able to generate an additional 47,000 kWh of electricity over the 30-year lifespan.

In C&I projects, the Everest G12R-108 module contributes to 8.9% higher installation capacity and 10.8% power generation gain, generating 820,000 kWh more electricity over the system’s lifespan compared to its TOPCon counterparts.

On October 28, Huasun rolled off its first batch of G12R bifacial microcrystalline HJT cells from its facilities in Hefei, China. The company’s Wuxi and Xuancheng bases will join in the production of G12R cells and modules, aiming to guarantee a sufficient supply of the product in 2024.


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