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N-type module prices expected to bounce back

On November 29, the Silicon Industry Branch of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association released the latest transaction prices for solar-grade polysilicon.

TypePrice Range (CNY/kg)Average Price (CNY/kg)Weekly Change
N-type67 – 7068.2-0.87%
Mono recharge62 – 6563.1-2.92%
Mono dense60 – 6361-1.93%
Mono popcorn57 – 6258.3-1.85%

Despite the majority of polysilicon materials witnessing a narrowed price range, the overall trend indicates a decline. Notably, the drop is less than anticipated, especially for higher-quality n-type material.

Industry experts suggest that the current polysilicon prices closely align with the production costs of manufacturers.

With stable operating rates for wafers and cells in recent times and relatively low polysilicon inventory, the ongoing price decline may continue to narrow until stabilization is achieved.

Influenced by cautious sentiments in international markets and inventory pressures, the majority of module prices, especially export prices, have remained at lower levels. Smaller sizes and 182 mm modules, in particular, have experienced even lower prices.

However, a ray of optimism emerges with the anticipation of an increase in market demand from China in December. This surge is expected to breathe life into module prices, showing signs of improvement.

Notably, n-type modules, gaining recognition from developers, are expected to lead the rebound.

Projections indicate that their prices might surpass CNY 1/W, signifying a positive turn in the market.

Additionally, the price difference between n-type and p-type modules from the same company could potentially exceed CNY 0.05/W once again.


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