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Oxford PV, Fraunhofer ISE set world record with 25% efficiency tandem PV module

Oxford PV, a spin-out from Oxford University, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (Fraunhofer ISE) announced on Wednesday they have successfully developed a full-sized tandem PV module, setting a new world record with an efficiency of 25%.

Oxford PV, Fraunhofer ISE set world record with 25% efficiency tandem PV module
Image: Fraunhofer ISE

This tandem PV module achieved an output of 421 W on an area of 1.68 square meters.

The PV module, based on perovskite silicon tandem solar cells, exhibits the potential to achieve substantially higher efficiencies compared to traditional silicon PV modules.

Fraunhofer ISE’s research team utilized perovskite silicon tandem solar cells from Oxford PV to produce the module, now recognized as the world’s most efficient silicon perovskite tandem solar module in an industrial format.

Ready for Commercial Production

Situated in Brandenburg, Germany, Oxford PV is already producing the perovskite-silicon solar cells in M6 format with an efficiency of 26.8% in small series at its factory. Commercial production of these tandem solar cells is scheduled to commence later this year.

David Ward, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford PV, emphasizes, “This new world record is a crucial milestone for Oxford PV, proving that our tandem solar cells can deliver record-breaking performance when assembled into solar panels.”

Overcoming Technological Challenges

The innovative tandem cells posed a challenge due to the temperature sensitivity of the perovskite layer.

Addressing this, the research team at Fraunhofer ISE developed low-temperature processes for interconnection and encapsulation, ensuring gentle treatment of the cells. These processes are not only suitable for industrial mass production but can also be seamlessly integrated into existing PV production lines.

Dr. Achim Kraft, Group Leader for Interconnection Technology at Fraunhofer ISE, explains, “These processes are suitable for industrial mass production and can be implemented on commercial systems. The necessary adaptations can also easily be implemented in today’s PV production lines.”

Following this breakthrough, the joint teams from Fraunhofer ISE and Oxford PV are now working towards certifying the PV module.

Intensive tests on long-term stability are currently underway in the climate chambers of the TestLab PV Module at Fraunhofer ISE.


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