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Sineng Electric on the Journey to Make in India: 5 Fruitful Years and More to Expect


This summer has witnessed great achievements of Sineng Electric in India solar market. On June 16th, the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Sineng India was successfully held in Delhi. Add brilliance to the present splendor, the Company has made a significant breakthrough with the cumulative inverter shipment to India reaching over 6GW. The spreading footprint of Sineng brings clean power to local community, making a crucial contribution to renewable energy development in India.

“India is one of the most potential solar markets in the world thanks to its vast territory which contains abundant solar resources. In November 2021, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi made a National Statement at COP26 Summit in Glasgow, putting forward five nectar elements in order to help India realize net-zero by 2070. These panchamrits will be an unprecedented contribution of India to climate action. For renewable energy enterprises like Sineng Electric, it’s a beacon of opportunities. I’m confident that Sineng will strengthen its presence in India market through continuous investment and innovation. Based on that, I expect that Sineng will create more employment opportunities locally and further support the vision of Make in India to realize a self-reliant India.” Mr. Shri Shekhar Dutt from SPDA said in his opening remarks.

“Since the first step into India in 2017, Sineng has been working relentlessly on improving products and solutions. Inspired by the bright future of renewable energy development in India, we concluded that Make in India will be our priority strategy in global expansion. In March 2018, we commissioned a 25MW PV plant in Karnataka. Later the same year, our first overseas manufacturing base was put into operation in Bangalore.” Jigar Soni, Head of Sales – South India, stressed in his presentation on A New Era of Make in India, “During the past five years, Sineng has made a series of remarkable achievements in pace with the booming solar market. Last year, in order to further meet rapidly increasing local market demands and radiate surrounding markets such as MEA region and the US, we expanded the annual manufacturing capacity of Bangalore factory to 10GW. Equipped with advanced production facilities and high standard quality control system, we are pledged to create more values for our customers by providing cost-effective and tailor-made solutions.”

By virtue of industry-leading products, timely and hassle-free localized service network, Sineng Electric has gained recognition in India market with increasing influence worldwide. A report from Mercom India indicates that Sineng ranked first in terms of central inverter shipments in 2021. Meanwhile, according to Bridge to India, Sineng is No.2 inverter supplier in 2021. In the context of India government’s commitment to realizing net zero by 2070, Sineng will keep working on optimizing our solutions to boost the energy transition and sustainable development of India.

Nowadays, climate crisis is becoming a major threat to the well being of human kind. During the shift-away from fossil fuels, renewable energy becomes the key to mitigate climate change by massively cutting carbon emissions. With renewable energy entering into the flourishing era, Sineng is convinced that only by making constant efforts to move forward, can the unlimited potential of renewable energy be fulfilled. In the future, Sineng will insist on technology innovation, striving to help build a greener earth.


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