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Trina Solar’s AAA rating sustained for 5th time in PV ModuleTech Bankability

Trina Solar has received the highest rating of AAA in the PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings for the second quarter of 2023, according to PV Tech.

This recognition is attributed to Trina Solar’s advanced technology, industry-leading shipments of its 210 mm modules, high reliability of its 210+N products, and strong financial performance. The company has maintained this AAA rating for five consecutive quarters, solidifying its position as a leader in the solar industry.

Trina Solar’s 210+N series modules are renowned for their power output, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

They have received accolades from third-party organizations, including being named “Overall High Achievers” by the Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC) for three consecutive years. Recent testing reports from RETC have also confirmed the excellent performance of Trina Solar’s 700W series modules.

The company has obtained the world’s first offshore PV product certification from TÜV Rheinland, indicating the modules’ reliability even in challenging environments.

Trina Solar has been recognized as a “Top Performer” by PVEL for nine consecutive years.

Trina Solar’s global shipment volume of 210mm modules has exceeded 120 GW, establishing the company as a leader in this category. Ongoing partnerships with clients like Aquila Clean Energy and Teralight demonstrate the continuous demand for Trina Solar’s high-efficiency modules.

Boosing n-type capacity

Trina Solar is focused on strengthening its vertical integration capabilities in n-type i-TOPCon technology and expanding its n-type production capacity.

The company has launched projects in Qinghai and Yangzhou to ensure a steady supply of materials for its n-type modules and meet customer demands. By the end of the year, Trina Solar aims to achieve an annual module production capacity of 95 GW and a cell production capacity of 75 GW, with the n-type cell capacity reaching 40 GW.

Leading the way in module size standardization

Trina Solar is actively promoting size standardization in the solar industry. The company has played a leading role in driving the adoption of unified sizes, such as the 210mm large-format modules standardized by Trina Solar and other manufacturers since 2021.

Additionally, Trina Solar is advocating for standardization of smaller-sized modules to improve cost reduction, installation efficiency, and overall production efficiency.

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