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Zonergy storage systems continue to gain ground in residential and C&I sectors

Zonergy is a widely respected integrated smart microgrid solution provider, dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced solutions and services. The company’s offerings are based on residential energy storage systems, incorporating inverters, lithium battery modules and BMS, and on solutions for the Commercial and Industrial segment.


Key Features of Residential Systems:

Modular design: modular design of the overall system solution, stackable installation, flexible capacity expansion and power upgrade.

Aesthetically attractive: ‘white goods’ style, suitable for a modern home

Safe and reliable: intelligent natural heat dissipation, multiple protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and overheating.

Smart and user friendly: support of GPRS, WiFi, RS485 and USB interfaces, LCD display, APP and web-based remote monitoring

Smart Switching: support of zero power failure and seamless switching between on and off-grid.

Compatibility: wide PV voltage range of 120-550V, high current of 13.5A

Since its foundation, Zonergy has developed both technical strength and significant engineering experience. The company is home to first-class technical R&D and engineering implementation, giving it a profile which allows it to cover both the domestic market in China and also have a presence in a number of overseas countries, including those in Europe.


Zonergy’s hybrid energy storage system supports functions such as PV access, battery storage and grid-connected and off-grid output. It can be connected to photovoltaic strings from 200V to 850V and used with 420V-850V high-voltage energy storage batteries. The system utilizes a reliable power frequency off-grid inverter, based on simple wiring and strong inductive load capacity. It can be part of a complementary oil-solar off-grid system with a fuel-fired generator. When the generator is started on continuous rainy days, it can reduce the battery configuration and the initial investment.

The inverter has 100% unbalanced load capacity, which is suitable for driving single-phase loads. It can also monitor the voltage, current and insulation resistance of each string, as well as the voltage, current, temperature and remaining power of the storage batteries, constantly checking system operation to reduce potential faults.

With a multi-level modular design, the inverter supports multiple sets in parallel, covering 30kW to 500kW inverter and 100kWh-900kWh battery capacities, making it suitable for multi-scenario distributed energy projects. With IP55 protection, intelligent monitoring and remote operation and maintenance, the EMS management system has multiple operational modes. Hierarchical linkage and multiple levels of protection ensure the safe operation of the system, including lightning protection, battery and thermal management and a fire extinguishing system.

Zonergy continues to evolve by offering smart and intelligent microgrid energy solutions based on large commercial business requirements and emerging needs. The company embraces a model of continual growth, offering customized and cost efficient solutions to its global customer base in order to fulfil its ambition of becoming a world leading PV manufacturer and solution provider.


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