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166 mm HJT cell efficiency breaks world record

On July 6, the conversion efficiency of the 166 mm monocrystalline HJT cell developed by the Anhui Huasun reached 25.23%, breaking a world record. This efficiency has been tested by the German Institute ISFH.

In May, after testing and certification by the German Institute ISFH, the HJT cell developed by Maxwell has reached an efficiency of 25.05%, breaking the record for mass-produced HJT cells.

As the rising star in the photovoltaic industry, HJT technology has a maximum theoretical conversion efficiency of 27.5%. It boasts multiple advantages such as low attenuation rate, excellent temperature coefficient, high bifacial rate, and good performance in weak light. Besides, there are only four processes involved in producing HJT cells. As a platform technology, HJT can be coupled with other advanced technologies to further improve the conversion efficiency.

It has been 30 years since HJT was introduced in 1990. In the early stage, due to expensive equipment and strict process requirements, cell manufacturers at home and abroad only invested in 100MW-level trial production lines. However, from 2020 to 2021, as the equipment and materials became localized and the technology improved, the efficiency of HJT cells has been increasing steadily, and the cost has been continuously reduced, making mass production possible. In April 2021, Akcome’s Changxing base took the lead in shipping HJT modules, achieving a milestone breakthrough.


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