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Akcome achieves 24.85% efficiency for its HJT solar cell

Chinese PV cell manufacturer Akcome announced on Tuesday that the average efficiency of its iCell heterojunction cell has reached 24.85%.

Previously in this April, the average conversion efficiency of iCell’s new heterojunction high efficiency cell has reached 24.2%. On May 21, Akcome’s Taizhou base officially started construction, and released its iPower 6.0 high efficiency heterojunction modules, which uses 182mm-size iCell heterojunction cells.

The company also planned a 6 GW high efficiency heterojunction solar cell project at its Taixing base, which is completed in three phases with a total investment of over RMB 5 billion yuan.

The mass production of iCell heterojunction cells marks huge progress of Akcome’s core competitiveness in cell in the era of high efficiency and high power modules, a solid step towards the realization of photovoltaic parity.


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