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East China completed solar station with largest capacity installation

The first large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation demonstration station of Zhejiang Petroleum – Jiaxing City East Road Photovoltaic Power Station recently was officially completed in east China. The station makes full use of the existing gas station business room and canopy roof, with a total usable area of 1,000 square meters. It is the largest photovoltaic power station with the largest photovoltaic panel scale and installed capacity of Zhejiang Petroleum at present.

The project adopts distributed photovoltaic power generation mode, with a total installed capacity of 87.7 KW and an annual power generation capacity of 95,000 KWh, which can fully meet the power demand of daily lighting and equipment of the service station, car washing device and IC card business hall. It can also sell the surplus power to the State Grid, truly realizing the green environmental protection goal of photovoltaic power generation. After the photovoltaic power station is connected to the grid for power generation, it can reduce 77 tons of carbon dioxide per year, producing good economic and social benefits

Under the guidance of the provincial company, Jiaxing Petroleum has actively transformed and developed into a comprehensive energy service provider, and promoted the overall construction process of photovoltaic power station. Zhejiang Petroleum expects to build more than 120 photovoltaic power generation gas stations by the end of 2021, with an annual power generation capacity of more than 4 million KWh and an annual carbon dioxide emission reduction of more than 3,500 tons.

The completion of the power station is an innovative measure for Jiaxing Petroleum to unswervingly move towards net zero emission, accelerate energy transformation and industrial upgrading, and realize clean, diversified and safe energy supply. It will actively help to achieve the goals of reaching carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality.


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