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Jinergy promotes energy transformation and upgrading

The Energy Bureau of Shanxi Province recently issued the Management Measures for the Plan of Power Supply and Demand Balance in the Province, which clearly included the renewable energy generation such as wind, solar and biomass energy into the first category of power generation.

According to the document, priority should be given to renewable energy power generation. The relevant leaders should optimize the energy structure, implement the security purchase policy for renewable energy power generation, encourage enterprises to participate in market transactions, increase its proportion in the power consumption terminal, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of renewable energy.

Low carbon energy development is related to the future of mankind. Shanxi Province, as the first provincial comprehensive transformation and reform pilot area, where located the first energy revolution comprehensive reform pilot project, adheres to the reform as the distinct guidance, comprehensively promotes the energy supply structural reform and system and mechanism reform, deeply promotes the reform of power system and state-owned enterprises in the energy sector, vigorously develops clean energy, and accelerates the construction of green and diversified energy supply system step by step to realize the transformation from single coal power to photovoltaic, wind and others.

In recent years, renewable energy, led by solar energy, has made positive contributions to the energy revolution and accelerated energy transformation and upgrading, and attracted many enterprises to join the photovoltaic field. Among them, as a large-scale state-owned photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise in Shanxi Province, Jinergy has always adhered to the core strategy of technological iteration, and has established an operation management and R&D team including domestic and foreign photovoltaic industry experts and outstanding talents, with sales footprint all over the world.

In addition, Jinergy is a manufacturer with deep HJT technology accumulation, and also a leader in promoting the mass production. At present, the average efficiency of Jinergy ultra high efficiency HJT battery in mass production has reached 23.85%, which is expected to reach 24.2% by the end of this year. With more and more enterprises joining the HJT technology route, more upstream and downstream enterprises have participated in the industrial chain. In the future, the production cost of HJT will be greatly reduced, which will make a breakthrough in reducing the cost of photovoltaic power generation.


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