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Over RMB 123B contract signed by Chinese leading solar PV enterprises

According to statistics, since 2021, Chinese leading photovoltaic enterprises such as Longi, Trina Solar, JA Solar and JinkoSolar have pinned more than RMB 123.6 billion yuan long-term contract.

These contracts include the supply of raw materials in the future, with a total of 1.458 million tons of silicon, more than 4.36 billion silicon wafers and over 1.16 billion square meters of photovoltaic glass.

It is worth mentioning that in only eight months this year, the total amount of long-term contracts signed on silicon materials, wafers and photovoltaic glass has exceeded that in 2020.

The global PV module shipment ranking in the first half of 2021 was recently released, which revealed the shipment volume of the above companies, ranked among the top four.


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