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Price Analysis: A hard time for modules


In the case of continuous increase of silicon material price, downstream manufacturers have high expectations for the continuous rise, resulting in more enquiry. Solarbe Consulting believes that with the recent increase in demand and the improvement of operating rate of all links, the silicon price will further increase slightly until module section can’t accept, and the price will move towards stability.

In terms of supply, according to Solarbe Consulting, the output of silicon material in August reached 42,700 tons, up 1.67% month on month compared with 42,000 tons in July. The increment is mainly concentrated in the maintenance and resumption of production of Xinte, Daqo and Inner Mongolia Dongli. In September, two enterprises planned maintenance, which will not affect the silicon output.

This week, the average price of monocrystalline recharging material was RMB 208,000 yuan/ton, up 1.83% month on month, 205,500 yuan/ton for polysilicon prime for mono, up 1.64% month on month, and 204,000 yuan/ton for polysilicon prime for multi, up 1.66% month on month. The average price of polycrystalline materials was 92,000 yuan/ton, same as last week.


Silicon wafer prices continued to rise this week, and polycrystalline wafer prices rose by more than 6%.

The operating rate of first-line silicon wafer enterprises has recovered significantly this week, which is caused by the rise of terminal demand. It is expected to maintain a high operating rate in September, supporting the silicon supply to maintain a tight balance. The price increases of Zhonghuan Semiconductor and Longi have driven other manufacturers to follow. As some enterprises accelerate the large-size wafer promotion, M6 maintains in shortage, and the price maintains the upward trend.

Even if the price of polycrystalline silicon remains stable, the price of polycrystalline silicon wafer rose under the condition of the overall rise of monocrystalline silicon wafer. Since July, the pandemic in India has been controlled to a certain extent, the polycrystalline market is gradually showing vitality, which may further bring about the rise of polycrystalline silicon wafer price.

The average price of G1 wafer was RMB 4.91 yuan/piece, up 2.94% month on month, 5.04 yuan/piece for M6, up 1.72% month on month, 6.11 yuan/piece for M10, up 4.62% month on month, and 7.97 yuan/piece for G12, without change. The average price of polysilicon wafer was RMB 1.96 yuan/piece, remained same.


This week, the price of cells continued to rise, and polycrystalline cells price rose sharply along with polycrystalline silicon wafers.

Due to the rising cost and demand, the cell price continued to rise this week, which affected the order trading volume to a certain extent. Due to the cost pressure from various aspects, the module side continues to play price game with the cell. Under the current supply and demand situation, cells may remain tough to change.

The average price of G1 cell was RMB 1.12 yuan/W, same as last week, 1.05 yuan/W for M6, up 1.46% month on month, 1.04 yuan/W for M10, up 1.96% month on month, and 1.04 yuan/W for G12, up 1.96% month on month. The average price of polysilicon cell was RMB 0.74 yuan/W, up 6.52% month on month.


The module price remained same compared to that of last week.

Even if the cell price rises for two consecutive weeks, the module price was still kept in range. Except for cells, prices of auxiliary materials are expected to rise, since some glass enterprises have announced price increases, as well as EVA.

The average price of 182-210mm monocrystalline modules this week was RMB 1.75 yuan/W; 1.72 yuan/W for 355-365/425-435W; and 1.68 yuan/W for 325-335/395-405W. The average price of polycrystalline 275-280/330-335W modules was RMB 1.52 yuan/W.

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