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SOFARSOLAR Grid-tied Integrated Inverter Helps Mountain Tunnel Lighting Project

With the rising energy costs for minerals such as oil and coal and the reduction of subsidies for photovoltaic grid-tied system, there is a strong need for uninterrupted and emergency power supply in mountains areas or base stations with no power grid, grid-tied system has received much attention and interest. As the core equipment of the grid-tied system, SOFARSOLAR’s HYD series grid-tied integrated inverter becomes the priority solution of many application scenarios.

Longquan Dali Mountain Tunnel lighting project in Zhejiang Province, China has recently completed commissioning, generating electricity and lighting for tunnels. This project is owned by the local transportation department, choosing SOFARSOLAR HYD 5K~20KTL-3PH energy storage integrated inverters, and the battery section is equipped with 80 units 12V 75AH lead-acid battery. The system consists of photovoltaic modules, grid-tied inverter, lead-acid battery, holder and load, etc. Photovoltaic modules convert solar energy into electricity in the light, power the tunnel load through grid-tied integrated inverter and charge the battery at the same time; when there is no light, the battery preferentially supplies power to the tunnel load and then add power grid, when the power grid fails, the emergency load is supplied by the battery to the integrated machine.


As the power generation system is not limited by the region, it is widely used and can be installed wherever there is sunlight, therefore, it is very suitable for remote areas without power grid, islands, fishing boats, outdoor breeding bases, etc. It can also be used as emergency generating equipment of frequent power outage areas. As the core equipment of the whole system—HYD20KTL grid-tied integrated inverter uses the core of the company’s storage inverter technology. All technologies have reached the industry leading level.

HYD20KTL grid-tied integrated inverter has a milky white appearance, generous simple shape, round and full design and friendly LCD interface display, bringing more convenient operation experience. It has all aluminum body, disposable die casting, round edges and corners. After carefully polished, it presents a different surface texture, an elegant and generous craft to the touch. The internal components are selected from well-known brands in the industry to ensure quality and life of the products. The internal circuit is designed scientifically and reasonably to reduce the internal loss, decentralized design with heat source layout, key energy adds heat conduction paste and other processes to improve heat dissipation performance. The machine has IP65 protection level, the installed positions can be chosen freely.


SOFARSOLAR storage integrated inverter not only has elegant and generous appearance, real material inside, but also has many industries leading ‘dark technologies’, such as off-grid and grid-connected systems compatible with each other and can be switched flexibly, advanced battery management technology, bidirectional flow control of electrical energy, I/V curve scanning, independent MPPT tracking. In addition, it has off-grid overload sound and light alarm reminder, remote software upgrade and remote intelligent monitoring, etc. It can be combined well with photovoltaic off-grid system, off-grid energy storage system, photovoltaic grid-connected energy storage system, micro-grid energy storage system and other systems. It can be used in industrial and commercial intensive production areas. Photovoltaic self-use cannot spare access to the Internet, self-use electricity is much more expensive than the on-grid electricity, the peak electricity price is much more expensive than the wave level electricity and other application markets. At present, it has been widely used in China, Germany, Australia, Italy, Holland and other countries.


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