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WEEK IN CHINA: LONGi breaks another world record for P-type TOPCon cell; 600W+ Alliance expanded

HIGHLIGHTS: Suntech, GCL, Yingli, etc. joined the 600W+ alliance; LONGi broke another P-type TOPCon cell efficiency world record; SUNPURE delivered smart cleaning robots to 100MW solar plant; Zhonghuan Semiconductor further reduced the price for 166 mm wafers; Chint’s ASTRO 5 series awarded “Outdoor Yield Performance” by TÜV NORD; Canadian Solar signed 12 MWp PPA in Italy; Trina Solar has shipped 2GW 210 mm modules to Brazil in 2021.

AiSWEI, Hopewind, Tigo energy, Suntech, GCL System Integration, Yingli Solar (China), ZHSHINE SOLAR and CISDI Electric Technology have joined the 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance. So far, the alliance has expanded to include 86 members, including polysilicon, silicon wafer, cell, module, inverter manufacturers, auxiliary materials manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, third-party certification institutions, as well as a number of owners and EPCs.

The mono P-type TOPCon cell developed by LONGi cell research center has reached an efficiency of 25.19%, breaking the world record. Tested by ISFH, an authoritative testing organization, the cell has brought the efficiency of commercial size P-type TOPCon cell based on CZ silicon wafer to a brand new level.

Smart cleaning robot manufacturer SUNPURE successfully delivered the smart cleaning project in Shanxi, China for a 100MW solar farm. A total of 775 cleaning robots are installed to provide automatic cleaning for 84MW of solar modules. It marks another milestone for large-scale application of smart cleaning robots in China.

Wafer producer Zhonghuan Semiconductor further reduced the price for 166 mm wafer to RMB 4.44 to RMB 4.54 per piece (US$0.69-0.70). Compared to the quotation on June 31st, the price of wafers of all thicknesses have been reduced by RMB 0.18 per piece (US$ 0.028), a reduction of 3.85%. But the price reduction only applies to 166 mm wafers.

Chint was awarded the “Outdoor Yield Performance” by TÜV NORD for its ASTRO 5 modules. Its low attenuation rate has been tested and proved through one-year outdoor empirical test. The long-lasting performance has once again been recognized by authoritative institutions.

Canadian Solar has signed a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Centrica Energy Trading A/S for two solar power projects of 12 MWp in Italy. Centrica Energy Trading is a leading provider of energy management and optimization services. Its business cover power, gas and energy certificate markets in Europe.

Over 2 GW of Trina Solar‘s 210 mm modules have been shipped to Brazil in 2021. The modules have been widely used on rooftops, agrivoltaic projects, fish farm solar plants and utility-scale projects in Brazil. In addition, a super solar power plant with an installed capacity of over 800MW is under construction. All the modules used in this project are from Trina Solar’s 210 mm Vertex 600W+ series.

Policy-wise, as an important move in its climate actions, China officially launched its national carbon trading system on July 16th. The opening price of carbon emission allowances was RMB 48/ton. The first transaction took place in the second minute after the opening. The power generation industry, with more than 2000 enterprises, was the first to be included in the trading system. According to the estimation of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, the carbon emissions of these enterprises exceed 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide. This means that China has now become home to the largest carbon trading system in the world.

Meanwhile, according to the statistics of the National Energy Administration of China, the newly installed capacity of solar power generation totaled 13GW in the first half of 2021. The total installed capacity of solar power now adds up to 270GW.


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