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World’s first hundred megawatt-level storage platform completed construction

The hundred megawatt-level multi-source fusion technology experimental verification platform in Changde, a city in China’s central province Hunan, completed its construction. The platform built by China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC) is the first of such scale in the world.

Source: Solarbe

Located in Hunan Changde Economic and Technological Development Zone, the platform can experiment, operate and verify renewable energy equipment, energy storage equipment, energy storage Monitoring System BMS, EMS, seamless switching of multiple power supplies, black start, microgrid design, design and construction of energy storage stations, etc. It will fill the gap of experimental verification platform for large-scale energy storage technology schemes at home and abroad.

The project integrates multi power source fusion technologies such as electrochemical energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, wind, solar PV and gas power generation. It is the first platform in the world with the ability to test and verify hundred megawatt-level energy storage and microgrids.


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