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AIKO brings ABC solar modules to Central and Eastern Europe

Aiko Energy has joined forces with SOLSOL, a leading solar distributor in the Czech Republic, to introduce 100 MW of ABC solar modules to the Czech and Slovakian markets.

AIKO brings ABC solar modules to Central and Eastern Europe

Aiko’s collaboration with SOLSOL is seen as a strategic move to expand its footprint in Central and Eastern Europe. The focus of the partnership is to address the increasing demand for solar solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, contributing to the sustainable development of solar energy in the region.

Aiko’s ABC modules, known for their 24% efficiency, are positioned as high-performance products in the solar module market. The modules feature an all-black design, catering to both functional and aesthetic considerations, particularly suitable for residential and commercial rooftop installations.

The ABC modules from Aiko have received industry recognition, including the Intersolar AWARD 2023 for Innovative Solar Technology and the 2023 CISOLAR Award.

Beyond their conventional use, Aiko’s ABC modules demonstrate promising characteristics in centralized scenarios.

The recently introduced Stellar Series modules boast a 70% bifaciality, shading optimization, high-temperature resistance, and enhanced overall performance compared to traditional TOPCon modules.


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