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Aiko to invest ¥10 billion in 10GW solar facility

Aiko Energy has approved a plan to invest CNY 9.978 billion in a 10 GW solar cell and module manufacturing facility in Jinan, Shandong Province of China. The project is scheduled to commence in Q1 2024, aiming for production by H1 2025.

Image: Aiko

This initiative follows Aiko Energy’s commitment in April 2023 to build a 30 GW high-efficiency solar cell and 30 GW module facility in Jinan. The location benefits from favorable policies, aligning with national strategic goals for ecological protection and high-quality development.

Aiko Energy plans to utilize its mature All-Back Contact (ABC) solar technology for production. ABC cells have a commercial conversion efficiency of over 26.8%, with module efficiency surpassing 24%.

The project is expected to enhance Aiko’s market position and contribute to green and low-carbon development goals.

Financially, the company intends to manage the estimated investment over 1-2 years, securing funds through various means, including internal funds, government subsidies, and financial institution financing.


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