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Aiko upgrades 25 GW PERC facility to TOPCon

Aiko Energy announced plans to invest CNY 2.7 billion to upgrade their 25 GW PERC cell production to TOPCon technology.

AIKO unveils 25.15% efficient solar module in Australia

This shift responds to changing industry trends and Aiko Energy’s long-term goals. By focusing on TOPCon technology, they aim to meet the rising demand for n-type high-efficiency solar cells.

The project starts in April 2024, with production expected to begin by late 2024.

In a statement, Aiko Energy highlighted the limitations of current p-type PERC cell production efficiency, noting that it has nearly reached its peak and is insufficient to meet the industry’s cost reduction and efficiency enhancement requirements.

In contrast, n-type cells offer several advantages, including higher conversion efficiency, lower light-induced degradation, lower temperature coefficient, higher bifaciality, and increased power generation capacity.

As industry players collectively advocate for n-type cells to replace p-type cells as the mainstream technology of the next generation, Aiko Energy is strategically positioning itself to lead this transition.

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