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Solargiga Energy unveils high-efficiency modules at Future Energy Show Africa 2024

The Future Energy Show Africa 2024 recently took place at the Gallagher Convention Center in Johannesburg, South Africa, from March 18-20, marking a significant event in the region’s energy sector. Among the prominent participants was Solargiga Energy, making a notable debut at Booth D52 in Hall 4, unveiling its latest GIGA-N series modules.

Solargiga Energy showcases high-efficiency modules at Future Energy Show Africa 2024
Image: Solargiga Energy

During the show, Solargiga Energy showcased a range of high-efficiency module products tailored for distributed scenarios.

Notably, their 54-cell rectangular high-efficiency module garnered attention for its sleek black appearance. This module, featuring n-type TOPCon cell technology, boasts a commercial conversion efficiency of up to 22.53%.

Its lightweight design, weighing 20.7kg, and compact all-black aesthetic make it a preferred choice for high-end residential and other applications due to its ease of installation.

Additionally, the display featured two 66-cell and one 72-cell n-type module products, available in 182mm and 210mm formats, all backed by a 30-year power warranty.

South Africa’s energy landscape faces challenges, with about 80% of its electricity supplied by a single national energy company.

Solargiga Energy showcases high Booth D52 in Hall 4, unveiling its latest GIGA-N series modules
Image: Solargiga Energy

However, outdated infrastructure and frequent faults have led to frequent power outages and restrictions. Consequently, there’s an urgent need to accelerate the energy transition in the country, prompting an increased presence of clean energy companies in the South African power market.

In response, Solargiga Energy has taken proactive steps, establishing an exclusive agent in South Africa in 2023 to distribute their modules, effectively meeting the demands of local customers.

Committed to providing competitive products and services, Solargiga Energy continues to prioritize the needs of its local clientele.

Founded in 2000, Solargiga Energy is a solar module company with a presence on the HKEX since 2008 (00757.HK). The company’s business footprint extends across major PV markets worldwide, dedicated to offering high-quality PV products, technical support, after-sales services, and solutions to promote the development of the clean energy industry.


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