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Astronergy to power 60 MW agri-voltaic project in France

Astronergy recently has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with French renewable energy company IRISOLARIS during the InterSolar 2023 in Germany, to provide 60 MW ASTRO N5s series modules for Marseille Farm in France to support the local green energy transformation.

Project signing ceremony
Project signing ceremony

IRISOLARIS was founded by three engineers dedicated to participating in sustainable development and is one of the main renewable energy companies in France. The core business of the company is the design and construction of agricultural photovoltaic projects, promoting energy transformation by providing customized clean energy solutions to customers. The project will kick off the collaboration between IRISOLARIS and Astronergy, with an expected installed capacity of several hundred megawatts in the future.

The project is expected to be delivered starting in September this year. After completion, all power generated will be integrated into the power grid, changing the local energy ratio and becoming a demonstration project for the application of renewable energy.

Project case of Astronergy
Project case of Astronergy

Agricultural photovoltaic technology has gradually become an important module of renewable energy development in the European region. By installing solar modules on farmland and agricultural facilities, it maximizes the utilization of farm space, reduces dependence on traditional fossil fuels, and achieves the dual benefits of agricultural production and clean energy.


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