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Center Int wins 799 million rooftop project, LONGi its shareholder

On Monday, Center Int announced that it has won the bid for the rooftop solar project of Shandong Heavy Industry Group. The accepted country amount is 799,780,217 yuan, accounting for 25.37% of the company's audited operating revenue in 2020.

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Center Int was established in 2001. Its major business includes building metal enclosure system, ecological governance and BIPV. As a leading player in the building metal enclosure industry, Center Int has sold 131 million shares at a premium of nearly 30% to solar giant LONGi Group, which became the second largest shareholder of the company.

With LONGi’s support, Center Int has gained a competitive edge in the solar project while taking full advantage of its experience in building metal enclosure systems and its installation.

For LONGi, although Center Int is not its holding subsidiary, the 799 million contract will still contribute to the operating performance of LONGi in 2022.


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