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JA Solar to pour billions into a green PV renewable energy base

On Monday, JA Solar, a leading solar module maker, announced the signing of an Investment Framework Agreement of 10 billion RMB with Qujing Municipal Government and Qujing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee last Saturday.

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As agreed in the framework, in the next six years, JA Solar will invest a total of 10 billion yuan on the construction of a green PV renewable energy base in Qujing, a city in China’s southwestern province Yunnan.

The renewable energy base will include a high-efficiency cell facility with over 10 GW output, a 5 GW module facility, and renewable energy power plants.

The agreement is in line with the company’s production capacity planning strategies, and enhance its advantages in vertically integrated manufacturing, according to JA Solar.

After the completion of the project, JA Solar will be able to better meet global customers’ needs for highly efficient and high quality solar products.

The installation of solar power plants is in accordance with the company’s business model of developing, owning and transferring of solar power plants.


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