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DMEGC Solar Secures Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certification from EPD Italy

In a recent development, DMEGC Solar has successfully acquired the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificate from EPD Italy for its photovoltaic (PV) modules. This achievement stands as a testament to the international recognition of the company’s commitment to product quality and environmental sustainability by esteemed global organizations.

DMEGC Solar Secures Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certification from EPD Italy
Image: DMEGC

The EPD certificate is a comprehensive and globally acknowledged certification that meticulously documents the environmental footprint of solar modules across their entire life cycle. This includes aspects such as raw material extraction, production, transportation, installation, usage, maintenance, and post-life management. By obtaining this certification, DMEGC Solar aims to empower consumers in making environmentally conscious choices, establishing the EPD as a crucial reference point for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and other market access conditions within the European Union.

Throughout the EPD certification process, DMEGC Solar collaborated closely with the environmental assessment agency Kapstan to finalize the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and EPD report. This report offers an intricate analysis of the environmental impact associated with every stage of DMEGC Solar’s photovoltaic modules, encompassing raw material procurement, production, transportation, installation, and disposal. Additionally, the report highlights the product’s merits in terms of energy efficiency and emission reduction.

The third-party service provider for this certification is ICMQ S.p.a. The certification’s Product Category Rules (PCR) apply to various photovoltaic modules, including monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, or amorphous silicon modules. These rules provide a standardized framework for conducting an LCA and EPD report. Notably, the PCR’s versatility in evaluating different types of PV modules, spanning residential and industrial power generation applications, ensures a comprehensive and accurate assessment.

The acquisition of EPD certification is poised to enhance DMEGC Solar’s competitiveness on the global stage while establishing a solid foundation for the company’s expansion into the European market. DMEGC Solar remains committed to advancing its efforts in the realm of green energy, pledging to deliver superior products and services to its global customer base and actively contributing to the continued development of the photovoltaic industry.


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