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In the Name of Infinity, DMEGC Solar Launches New Rectangular Wafer Modules

In a bold stride toward innovation and sustainability, DMEGC Solar releases its revolutionary Infinity Series N-type rectangular wafer modules, M10RT and G12RT. By utilizing rectangular silicon wafer cells with efficiencies of up to 25.5%, these modules showcase the company’s commitment to limitless possibilities.

Harnessing Super-Multiple Busbar (SMBB) technology, high-density packaging, advanced black technology (ABT) and other advancements, DMEGC Solar achieves significant progress in module power and efficiency. The cutting-edge design not only enhances power generation in low-light conditions but also contributes to lower attenuation and improved temperature coefficients. What’s more, these modules are crafted using 100% renewable energy under SA8000 certified working environments, aligning seamlessly with industry standards for environmental safety and human right protection.

Recent accolades affirm DMEGC Solar’s commitment to environmental health and safety, along with its technical prowess. Its modules successfully passed rigorous tests for RoHS, REACH, and PFAS, along with the IEC 61730:2023 new standard, showcasing the company’s leadership in environmental protection and high-quality products.

Further validating DMEGC Solar’s dedication to quality, the IEC TS 63209-1:2021 extended stress tests certification from TÜV Rheinland highlights the excellent quality and reliability of DMEGC Solar PV modules. These achievements not only solidify the market recognition but also strengthen DMEGC Solar’s competitive position globally.

Earlier this year, DMEGC Solar’s factory in Sihong, Jiangsu Province, earned the prestigious title of a Zero Carbon Factory by TÜV SÜD. This distinction makes DMEGC Solar the first PV manufacturer to receive a zero-carbon endorsement, emphasizing the company’s commitment to energy conservation and emission reduction.

In the spirit of pursuing infinity, DMEGC Solar continues to expand the application possibilities of PV modules and deploys them in almost all application scenarios such as residential, commercial, industrial, utility-scale systems, agrivoltaics, and floating photovoltaics (FPV). It has also established business outlets around the world to provide localized sales, customer service, warehousing, logistics and other services. In addition to occupying considerable market shares in Europe and China, it has also achieved rapid growth in all emerging photovoltaic markets.


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