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Drinda’s TOPCon cells surpass 25.8% efficiency milestone

Solar cell manufacturer Drinda reported an increase in the conversion efficiency of its TOPCon cells, with mass production conversion efficiency surpassing 25.8%, as per the recent investor briefing on December 14th.

Compared to last year’s conversion efficiency of 24.5%, Drinda has raised the efficiency by 1.3 percentage points. This steady progress demonstrates the company’s dedication to maintaining its competitive edge in the market.

Looking ahead, Drinda has set its sights on further enhancing the commercial efficiency of its TOPCon cells to exceed 26%.

In addition to its achievements in TOPCon technology, Drinda has also made progress in the development of back contact (BC) cell products.

The company has actively explored BC technology based on TOPCon, which has shown promising results in terms of conversion efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Drinda is currently working towards the mass production of n-type BC products. However, the company remains cautious and will make strategic decisions based on market demand before introducing these products.

Drinda’s production capacity for n-type cells deserves attention. The Chuzhou base already boasts a fully operational 18 GW capacity, while the Huai’an base is under construction for a 26 GW n-type capacity.

In terms of shipments, the company expects p-type cell shipments to exceed 9 GW for the year, while n-type cell shipments are projected to surpass 20 GW.

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