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Hithium secures 3-year deal to supply Powin with 5GWh battery cells

Stationary battery supplier Hithium has finalized a deal to provide Powin, an energy storage platform provider, with 5 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of battery capacity. This three-year agreement marks an expansion of their collaboration, which began in 2023 with a commitment for at least 1.5 GWh.

Hithium secures 3-year deal to supply Powin with 5GWh battery cells
Powin VP Global Procurement Jason Eschenbrenner (left) and Hithium VP Monee Pang (right) at the signing ceremony. Image: Hithium

This partnership centers around Hithium supplying its 300Ah lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) cells. Recognized as the manufacturer’s durable product at the cellular level, these cells employ a technology for the active and sustained release of lithium ions, extending their lifespan to 12,000 cycles.

They exhibit stability with just a 2% aging effect over the initial thousand cycles, a noteworthy achievement compared to the industry-standard ~6% degradation rate.

Expressing satisfaction in the trust gained from Powin, Monee Pang, Vice President of Hithium, stated, “We’re proud to have won Powin’s trust and to have reached this milestone within our first year on the global market.” He highlighted that the 300Ah cell showcases innovations in cell chemistry designed to enhance battery life and performance efficiency.

Powin, a major player in energy storage, welcomed the partnership with Hithium, emphasizing the crucial role of the 300Ah cell in bolstering the reliability and longevity of their projects.

Jason Eschenbrenner, Powin’s Vice President of Global Procurement, remarked, “It’s great to have Hithium on board as a supplier to support our rapid implementation of large-scale energy storage projects.”

Hithium, established in 2019, has swiftly gained prominence, utilizing multiple research and development centers and production facilities to pioneer safety improvements and lifecycle enhancements in lithium-ion batteries.

Hithium has shipped 17,000 MWh of battery capacity to date, said the company in the statement.


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