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A look into the 2024 PV landscape: Top 10 PV module manufacturers’ capacity plans

In the dynamic landscape of solar energy, where innovation and scale play pivotal roles, China’s photovoltaic (PV) industry is gearing up for a transformative year in 2024. With more than two decades of development and now entering its fourth major adjustment, the solar sector is witnessing a shift from p-type to n-type technologies.

As the industry undergoes a shuffle, outdated technologies are being phased out in favor of advanced ones. In this exciting era of technological evolution, ten leading PV module manufacturers are unveiling ambitious production capacity plans, propelling China’s solar industry to new heights.

JinkoSolar: Surpassing 100 GW in N-Type Capacity

JinkoSolar, reclaiming the global module sales lead in 2023, unveiled its 2024 goals on January 2nd. The primary objective is to bring n-type production capacity to over 100 GW.

By the close of 2023, JinkoSolar anticipates achieving 85 GW of silicon wafer production, 90 GW of cell production, and 110 GW of module production. N-type capacity is expected to constitute 75%. Based on these projections, JinkoSolar’s TOPCon capacity is estimated to reach 67.5 GW by the close of 2023.

The announcement of surpassing 100 GW in n-type capacity in 2024 aligns with JinkoSolar’s extensive plans, including a 56 GW integrated production project in Shanxi’s Comprehensive Reform Area.

Trina Solar: Accelerating N-Type TOPCon Module Production

Trina Solar‘s 2024 production plans have not been officially disclosed. Still, the company is expected to intensify its focus on n-type technologies, with Chairman Gao Jifan stating that the new n-type TOPCon module production capacity is projected to exceed 80% of their product sales.

LONGi Green Energy: Full Production of 30 GW BC Cells

By the conclusion of 2023, LONGi Green Energy aims to achieve an annual silicon wafer capacity of 190 GW, cell capacity of 110 GW, and module capacity of 130 GW. Embracing back contact (BC) cell technology, the company’s HPBC pro cell capacity is expected to exceed 30 GW by the close of 2024.

JA Solar: Adding 35 GW, N-Type Cells Approaching 100 GW

On January 6th, JA Solar‘s Co-CEO Li Shouwei revealed that by 2023, their module capacity would reach 95 GW. Simultaneously, n-type cell capacity is expected to climb to 67% of the total capacity, reaching 63.65 GW by the end of 2023.

In 2024, JA Solar has additional cell and module facilities under construction in Vietnam and the United States, with a total of 30 GW in various capacities under construction at their Ordos base, positioning them to exceed 100 GW in total capacities.

Canadian Solar: Planning to Add 30 GW N-Type Cells

Canadian Solar‘s n-type TOPCon cell projects are concentrated in three locations, totaling 30 GW in TOPCon cell capacity. The commercial efficiency of their TOPCon cell is expected to reach 25.6%. By the end of 2024, Canadian Solar aims for capacities of 50 GW, 60 GW, 70 GW, and 80 GW in ingot, wafer, cell, and module, respectively.

Astronergy: Adding 12 GW N-Type Cell Capacity

By the end of 2023, Astronergy is set to complete ten major intelligent manufacturing bases, with accumulated capacities of 55 GW for modules and 53 GW for cells, with the proportion of TOPCon reaching 81%. In 2024, module capacity is expected to exceed 75 GW, cell capacity to exceed 65 GW, with the overall TOPCon capacity proportion rising to 85%.

TW Solar: Adding 41 GW TNC Cell Capacity

Tongwei Solar states that n-type silicon wafers account for about 40% of its shipments. Based on TOPCon technology, Tongwei has introduced TNC cell products. The 25 GW TNC facility in Shuangliu and the 16 GW TNC facility in Meishan are expected to be completed and put into operation in the first half of 2024. By then, the TNC cell capacity will reach 66 GW, and TNC will replace PERC as the company’s main product for modules in 2024.

At the beginning of the year, Tongwei Solar revealed that its 2024 module shipment target is set at over 50 GW.

Risen Energy: N-Type Production Plans Not Yet Revealed

As of now, Risen Energy has established effective capacities of 15 GW for cells and 25 GW for modules. There has been no announcement regarding its n-type expansion plans for 2024.

DAS Solar: Adding 14 GW TOPCon Cells and 20 GW Modules

As a recently emerged top-tier module manufacturer, DAS Solar‘s n-type cell and module capacities have seen notable growth.

Recently initiating an IPO counseling process, DAS Solar plans to raise funds for a project with an annual output of 14 GW TOPCon cells and 20 GW modules, positioning the company with 44 GW in TOPCon cell capacity and 50 GW in TOPCon module capacity.

GCL System Integration: Planning 10 GW N-Type TOPCon Production

In November 2023, GCL System Integration (GCL SI)’s 12 GW n-type solar module facility in Funing entered full production. GCL SI has laid out a complete integrated capacity of n-type cells and modules with the 15 GW n-type module capacity in Hefei and the 10 GW n-type TOPCon cell capacity in Wuhu.

In 2023, GCL SI secured orders from central SOEs, and based on its shipments in the first three quarters, it is expected to achieve close to 12 GW in shipments in 2023, entering the top 10 in module shipments for the full year of 2023.


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