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HiTHIUM signs 3 GWh battery storage supply deal with Jupiter Power

HiTHIUM has entered into a major agreement with Jupiter Power, a leading U.S. energy storage developer. The deal involves the delivery and deployment of 3GWh of battery storage systems by the end of 2025.

HiTHIUM signs 3 GWh battery storage supply deal with Jupiter Power

HiTHIUM will provide its 5MWh HiTHIUM ∞Block liquid-cooled storage systems for this project. These systems feature the company’s new 314Ah batteries, which are designed for long cycle life and high safety. According to HiTHIUM, these batteries can achieve up to 11,000 cycles, offering high energy density and flexibility.

Michael Geier, Chief Technology Officer of Jupiter Power, expressed confidence in integrating HiTHIUM’s storage solutions into their U.S. projects, noting their potential to ensure reliable energy operations.

Zhang Mizhi, General Manager of HiTHIUM’s International Marketing Center, emphasized the strategic alignment with Jupiter Power, affirming HiTHIUM’s commitment to providing comprehensive support across all project phases—from sales and engineering to execution and ongoing customer service.

HiTHIUM’s localization strategy includes establishing service hubs in key U.S. locations such as Fremont and New York, aimed at delivering responsive support and facilitating efficient project execution.

The company also maintains a global presence with subsidiaries in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia, underscoring its capability to offer innovative energy solutions and robust customer support on a global scale.

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