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Transparent bamboo film boosts solar cell efficiency by 28.5%

Researchers at Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUFT) have developed a transparent bamboo film that allegedly improves the efficiency of solar cells by 28.5%.

Transparent bamboo film boosts solar cell efficiency by 28.5%

This innovation, led by Zhou Zaiyang and his team, promises a greener and more efficient alternative to traditional materials.

Zhou aims to commercialize the bamboo film technology, which he developed with his advisor, Wan Caichao.

The transparent bamboo film is produced by processing bamboo into a clear, thin film. This film can replace the conductive glass typically used in perovskite solar cells. According to Wan, “Using transparent bamboo as a substrate material allows for easier degradation in the environment and soil. Additionally, we can enhance photon utilization efficiency through structural design.”

The team drew inspiration from the light-grating structure of butterfly wings, using nano inkjet printing to create a similar pattern on the bamboo film. Laboratory tests suggest that this innovation increases solar cell conversion efficiency by 28.5% compared to traditional materials.

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