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Hopewind, Clenergy sign MOU to usher in Europe’s terawatt era

Hopewind and Clenergy are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at accelerating the transition to a Terawatt-scale renewable energy era in Europe. This strategic collaboration combines Hopewind’s advanced technology and Clenergy’s innovative solutions to foster sustainable growth and a greener future.

Hopewind, Clenergy sign MOU to usher in Europe's terawatt era

The signing ceremony took place at Intersolar Europe, marking a significant milestone in both companies’ efforts to expand their presence and impact in the European market. By leveraging each other’s strengths, Hopewind and Clenergy aim to drive innovation and efficiency in the renewable energy sector.

“Hopewind is a leading global provider of renewable energy solutions, includes wind power, solar power, energy storage systems, industrial drives and green hydrogen generation with a worldwide shipment of 150GW+. We are excited to partner with Clenergy to bring our combined expertise and cutting-edge technologies to Europe,” said Sara Wang, Vice General Manager of Hopewind. “This MOU signifies our commitment to supporting Europe’s renewable energy goals and our shared vision of a sustainable future.”

“Clenergy is a high-tech solar mounting solution provider found in 2007 and has been ranked Top 1 manufacturer in the Australian rooftop solar market for 15 consecutive years, holding over 53% market share. We are thrilled to collaborate with Hopewind which is also Tie 1 solar inverter brand in this strategic initiative,” added Grace Zhuo, General Manager of Clenergy International Sales. “Together, we will work towards achieving unprecedented growth and setting new benchmarks in the European renewable energy industry, especially in Agri-PV and Solar Carport sectors”

Jake Liu, founder and CEO of Geminox, stated, “As an authorized distributor for Hopewind and Clenergy, we hope that their collaboration will bring more innovation to the fields of Agri-PV and floating solar solutions in Europe.”

“As Hopewind’s first certified EPC in Europe, we have found that mounting systems are a critical aspect of projects in scenarios such as car parks and warehouses.” Zhongliang, Founder and CEO of Bisoll, stated. “We are very pleased to become Clenergy’s first certified EPC in Europe and look forward to the collaboration bringing safer and more efficient solar PV systems to commercial and industrial owners across Europe.”

The partnership between Hopewind and Clenergy is poised to make a substantial impact, driving progress towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future in Europe.

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