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Hopewind nominated for the Smarter E AWARD 2024

Hopewind, a global leading renewable energy solutions provider announces that it has officially been nominated for The Smarter E AWARD 2024 with its trailblazing grid-forming capable 385kW utility-scale string inverter, as the only Chinese inverter manufacturer among the finalists.

Hopewind nominated for the Smarter E AWARD 2024

The Smarter E AWARD is an industry accolade that recognises and honours innovative concepts and technologies in the fields of energy and mobility. The award is presented to companies that make significant contributions to the advancement of a renewable 24/7 energy supply. 

Dedicated to the solar sector, the Photovoltaics Award is only conferred to the most advancing and revolutionary product of the year. The world’s biggest inverter manufacturers take pride in being nominated and winning this globally reputable award, which demonstrates their forefront technical innovation capabilities and reinforces their leading position in the industry. The following chart showcases the finalists and winners of the Photovoltaics Award regarding inverter manufacturers in the last 10 years.

2014TMEIC Corporation (Japan)
Steca Elektronik GmbH (Germany)
SMA Solar Technology AG (Germany) 
SMA Solar
2015HiQ Solar, Inc. (USA)
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd (China)
Power Electronics España S.L. (Spain)
HiQ Solar 
2016SolarEdge Technologies Inc (Israel)SolarEdge 
2017Enphase Energy (France)
SMA Solar Technology AG (Germany)
SMA Solar
2018ABB (Italy)
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (China)
2019ABB (Finland)
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (China)
2020Ampner Ltd. (OY) (Finland)
Fronius International GmbH (Austria)
Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (China)
2021Goodwe Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
2022Gamesa Electric SAU (Spain)
Huawei Technologies Co. LtD (China)
SMA Solar Technology AG (Germany)
Gamesa Electric SAU
2023Enphase Energy (USA)
Huawei Technologies Co. LtD (China)
2024Hopewind Electric Co.,Ltd (China) 
SMA Solar Technology AG (Germany)

This year, Hopewind is selected as the only Chinese string inverter manufacturer among the finalists of the Photovoltaics Award, which again proves its strong innovative capability and high competitiveness in the global inverter technology playground. Final winner would be announced in June 18th 2024.

“We are very honored to be nominated for the Smarter E AWARD 2024. Being a finalist of the Photovolatics Award indicates Hopewind is now widely recognised as a pioneer of inverter technical innovation worldwide,” said Sara Wang, VP at Hopewind. “As the first inverter manufacturer in the world to obtain DNV certificate of grid-forming, Hopewind takes grid-forming technology to wind power converters, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage PCS, hydrogen production power supplies, SVG and other products, constructing a smart grid ecology with grid-forming technology,” She added. 

Dr. Radovan Kopecek, cofounder and director of International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz (ISC) expresses his congratulation to Hopewind, “We sincerely congratulate Hopewind as advisory member of ISC on the nomination of the Smarter E Award 2024. Outstanding performance and quality are the key to the success of Hopewind. We look forward to joining forces with Hopewind on their grid-forming technology application in smart grid and accelerating the arrival of the TW era in Europe”. 

About Hopewind 

Hopewind was established in 2007 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017. The company specializes in designing and producing renewable and electrical solutions, including wind power converters, PV inverters, BESS, SVG, and industry drives.

As a leading brand of comprehensive renewable energy solutions, Hopewind participated in the scientific research project Wingrid supported by the EU Horizon 2020 through the DNV Netherlands Laboratory. In 2023, Hopewind’s wind power converter received the world’s first grid-forming certificate issued by DNV. 

Since February of 2024, the company’s 385kW string inverter has been recognized as the world No.1 powerful string inverter. With a remarkable track record, the company has shipped over 150GW of renewable energy products worldwide.

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