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Hoymiles releases new microinverters to lower upfront cost

Microinverter manufacturer Hoymiles has released its new microinverter series, the HMS-C series and the HMS-D series, which are expected to lower the upfront cost while not compromising the overall performance.

Hoymiles releases new microinverters to lower upfront cost--Solarbe Global

The HMS-C series are available in Europe, North America and Oceania, and the HMS-D series are available in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

These microinverters are the cost-effective versions added to Hoymiles classic HMS series. The C and D series all come with 1600 VA, 1800 VA and 2000 VA output power options and can be used with mainstream high-powered PV modules.

  • HMS-1600C/D-4T: Used with 320 to 540 W+ PV modules
  • HMS-1800C/D-4T: Used with 360 to 600 W+ PV modules
  • HMS-2000C/D-4T: Used with 400 to 670 W+ PV modules

They have four input channels, meaning that one microinverter can be connected with four solar panels at once – which is why we call it a 4-in-1. Therefore, for the same capacity demand, users can just have one microinverter instead of four regular ones. The CEC peak efficiency is up to 96.7%, which represents the leading level in the industry and promises greater solar yield, lower per-watt costs and shorter payback period. The excellent 99.8% MPPT efficiency means that the microinverter can almost perfectly track the maximum power point of the modules, therefore delivering the best solar harvest for users.

With the IP67 enclosure rating, Hoymiles microinverters can still perform regularly even after a short immersion in water. This guarantees the safety and longevity of the microinverters.

What makes the new C and D series different from the previous HMS series is that they have two MPPTs rather than four, meaning that two panels share one MPPT. This twist offers a great balance between efficient performance and affordability. Both series feature Sub-1G wireless connectivity which enables greater reliability and communication over longer distances when paired with Hoymiles’ data transfer units (DTU).

As with other Hoymiles microinverters, both newly released series are connected to Hoymiles’ smart monitoring platform, S-Miles Cloud, so that users can access visual data on the system’s energy production and usage, as well as receive proactive alerts if the installation needs attention, and track how the system is performing overall.

Though high-powered microinverters are more popular among business owners, they are also a good choice for homeowners. This is due to the fact that the high power rating can futureproof the home property in case the energy demand grows as time goes by.

“We are constantly thinking about delivering the best energy solution to our clients with lower costs. This is also how we strive to make open energy for all. By optimizing product design and making innovations, we want more users to access clean solar energy at affordable prices,” said Steven Zhang, Senior Product Engineer of Hoymiles.


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