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Huasun secures groundbreaking 1.5 GW supply agreement with Inercom

Chinese solar module manufacturer Anhui Huasun Energy has signed a new agreement with Inercom, an EPC services provider in Bulgaria, for the supply of Himalaya series ultra-high-efficient heterojunction (HJT) modules.

At the signing ceremony between Huasun Energy and Inercom. Image: Huansun Energy | Solarbe Global
At the signing ceremony between Huasun Energy and Inercom. Image: Huansun Energy

Under the new agreement, Huasun will provide at least 1.5 GW of modules for Inercom’s utility-scale projects in Bulgaria by the end of 2025. With this agreement, Huasun becomes the world’s first company to win GW-level orders to provide HJT modules.

This new agreement follows a successful initial cooperation between the two companies, where Huasun supplied 86 MW HJT solar modules to Inercom’s utility-scale solar project in southern Bulgaria in 2021. According to the supply plan, Huasun will deliver more than 500 MW of HJT solar modules to Inercom’s projects in Bulgaria by the end of 2023.

Inercom’s CEO, Mr. Varbakov, praised Huasun’s product quality, technical performance, and delivery capabilities, and expressed his satisfaction with the long-term relationship between the two companies.

Huasun’s CEO, Dan Zhou, commented on Inercom’s early adoption of HJT modules and the technology’s potential in Europe. He also expressed his commitment to the product concept of higher power, higher efficiency, and higher revenue.

Huasun is a relatively new company, founded in July 2020, that focuses on the development and application of HJT solar cells and modules, as well as their commercial production. Despite its young age, Huasun has already been recognized as a Tier 1 solar module manufacturer by BloombergNEF and is the only company on the list that focuses solely on HJT technology.

Through this new agreement with Inercom, Huasun is poised to deepen its presence in the global market and promote the high-quality development of the industry. With its commitment to efficient and lower-carbon solar technology, Huasun aims to bring efficient solar energy into everyone’s life and make homes more livable and beautiful.


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