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Polysilicon prices drop 3.23%, module costs set to stay low

In a recent update from China’s Silicon Industry Branch on November 22nd, the solar industry observed a dip in polysilicon prices, while cell and module prices are predicted to remain low.

Over the past week, polysilicon prices continued the downward trend, with n-type materials leading in a 3.23% weekly decline.

This decline, according to Solarbe, is attributed to the reluctance of wafer manufacturers to procure polysilicon, resulting in minimal transactions and a delicate balance in the industry.

Material TypePrice Range (CNY/kg)Average Price (CNY/kg)Weekly Change
N-type68 – 7268.8-3.23%
Mono Recharge62 – 6665-1.66%
Mono Dense60 – 6462.2-2.81%
Mono Popcorn57 – 6159.4-2.62%

Industry insiders are forecasting that the recent decline in polysilicon and wafer prices will likely persist for some time. However, subsequent price reduction on solar cells appears unlikely due to the slim profit margins of cell producers.

In the realm of module tenders, both p-type and n-type modules are witnessing offers below CNY 1/W (~USD 0.139/W), with a diminishing price difference between the two. Companies report that the fourth-quarter production capacity of n-type modules is robust, signaling increased competition in the coming year.

In subsequent tenders by China’s state-owned enterprises, it is anticipated that p-type module prices below CNY 1/W will become the preferred choice for most companies. Occasional low prices for n-type modules are also expected to emerge.

Despite the commendable achievement of 14,256 MW of newly added installations from January to October in China, the solar industry faces challenges with a three-month consecutive decline in monthly installations domestically. This downturn may impact enthusiasm across various production stages.


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