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JA Solar to raise 5 billion yuan with a bigger plan in mind

On Monday, JA Solar announced that the company's application for non-public offering of shares to raise 5 billion RMB has been approved.

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In August 2021, JA Solar published a plan to issue no more than 479,507,127 A-share common shares worth 5 billion yuan to no more than 35 investors.

The funds raised are planned to be invested on a mono silicon rod facility with 20 GW annual production output, a mono wafer facility with 20 GW annual production output, a high-efficiency solar cell pilot plant, etc.

The company said that the completion of the projects will help JA Solar expand the production capacity of advanced mono silicon rod and silicon wafer. The move will continue to improve the company’s vertically integrated scope of business.

The high-efficiency solar cell pilot plant can push forward the research of HJT cells and verify the feasibility of key technologies.


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