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Jietai Solar secures carbon footprint certification for TOPCon solar cells

Solar cell manufacturer Jietai Solar recently secured the French Carbon Footprint Certification for its n-type TOPCon 182mm/183mm solar cell products. This certification, signifying compliance with international environmental standards, holds influence over practices from manufacturing to international trade.

Jietai’s certification not only validates its products’ eco-friendly attributes but also positions them for entry into the French PV market, marking a strategic move toward global expansion.

During the certification process, Kapstan, the French certification body, thoroughly evaluated Jietai’s solar cell products’ carbon emissions across all stages, including raw material sourcing, production, transportation, and storage.

The outcomes confirm Jietai’s carbon footprint adherence to industry standards, placing its carbon values in a leading position.

Focused on TOPCon technology, Jietai Solar has developed five key technologies—LPCVD Stack Wafer Depo Process, Selective Emitter (J-SE), Metal Recombination Alleviation (J-SE+), Rainbow Poly (J-Rpoly), and Super Thin Fingers (J-STF). These breakthroughs not only reduce costs but also improve efficiency.

Building on this technological foundation, Jietai Solar introduces its latest MoNo 1 series solar cells, showcasing an open-circuit voltage surpassing 732mV and an efficiency exceeding 26%.


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