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JinkoSolar expects big growth in 2023 profits

JinkoSolar has announced robust financial performance expectations for the fiscal year 2023. The company foresees a year-on-year increase in net profits, ranging from 146.92% to 170.76%, projecting figures between ¥7.25 billion and ¥7.95 billion (US$ 1.01 billion~US$ 1.11 billion).

JinkoSolar expects big growth in 2023 profits

This outlook indicates a noteworthy improvement compared to the previous year’s disclosed data.

JinkoSolar credits this expected growth to the global increase in PV installations and a noticeable market shift towards the demand for n-type products.

The company’s strategic focus on customer-centric approaches, including the use of n-type TOPCon technology, continuous product innovation, global operations, and integrated production capacities, is highlighted as contributing factors to the projected growth.

JinkoSolar’s emphasis on n-type modules appears to have positively influenced its operational performance. This growth is evident in the increased shipment of n-type modules.

In the Top Module Manufacturers List by Shipment Volume compiled by Solarbe, JinkoSolar has remained in the top position by shipping over 75 GW globally.


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