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N-type production enters overcapacity in 2024: LONGi

On January 26, Longi Green Energy pointed out in the investor relations record table that according to the construction of N-type capacity in the industry, it is expected that the N-type capacity of the industry will also enter the surplus stage in 2024.

In a highly homogenous competitive environment, focusing on customer needs and creating differentiated competitive advantages will become the key for photovoltaic companies to break through.

Longi also pointed out that after a year of technology optimization, capacity climbing and market promotion, the current sales of HPBC modules in the distributed market have been increasingly smooth, and the product value has been recognized by customers.
The company’s existing HPBC cell production capacity of about 35GW, will be fully introduced to the global distributed market in 2024.

Compared with PERC and TOPCon cells, HPBC cells have multiple advantages, in addition to appearance, low light response, high reliability and other advantages, the front of the cell is not shielded by the busbar, which can maximize the absorption of sunlight, thereby improving power generation efficiency, very suitable for a relatively limited area and a variety of distributed application scenarios with high product beauty requirements. With the continuous validation of the market, the competitive advantage of HPBC products in the distributed market will continue to strengthen.

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