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LONGi adopts HPBC technology for new 29GW solar cell facility

LONGi said on Tuesday to change the planned production capacity of a solar cell manufacturing facility in Shaanxi’s Xixian New Area from 15 GW to 29 GW. Hybrid Passivated Back Contact (HPBC) technology will be adopted in the new fab.

LONGi adopts HPBC solar cell technology for new 29GW solar cell facility--Solarbe Global

As per the announcement, the new project, with RMB 7.04 billion total investment, will commence production in September 2023. The facility is expected to achieve RMB 23.89 billion in operating revenue and RMB 3.91 billion in net profit annually.

The major reason behind the capacity expansion was that LONGi believes the conditions for the mass production of HPBC high-efficiency solar cells have matured, said LONGi in the statement.

It is reported that HPBC has the advantages of an appealing appearance, high conversion efficiency, good low-light performance, low-temperature coefficient, high reliability, etc.

It can be widely used in different scenarios, including rooftops and ground-mounted power plants while meeting customers’ demand for high-efficiency mono products.

At present, the commercial conversion efficiency of LONGi’s HPBC cell has exceeded 25%.

LONGi said that after the project is put into operation, the company will further expand the production capacity of high-efficiency mono cells based on its technological advantages.

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